Where my friends are today?..

Adelante - October 18, 2008, Shirley looking fetching in white in her dighy. She gets to live her dream November 1, 2008 when Adelante goes back into the water all spruced up.

Cindy's flower box. She was out and about enjoying the fall and her garden, Timmy and pets...not necessarily in that order!
Christa in Mayook dealing with the loss of her father...our love and sympathy goes out to you and your loved ones.

Jeremy and Julie in Vancouver finishing up his thesis for his Master's in Education!!!Waiting to read it, as all Moms would want to do!

My family: Heinz and Marlene are counting down the days until they leave to come south...10 more weeks or 8 more shifts for Marlene who is a nurse...enjoying a balmy -6 in Williams Lake.

Harry & family, Steven & family out in Bull River in their guiding outfits.

My sister Ev and Richard counting down the days as well until they come to AZ..leaving end of Nov, then off to the Baja to see our brother Werner and then spending Christmas here with us.
My totally talented sister "Gerty" aka Caroline and her adorable husband Larry keeping the homes fires burning in Bull River and painting up a storm... more on her later!!! They keep me in stitches.
Shannon is cycling with her husband Gord in China.

The Ya Ya's Sue and Shannon arrive in the next few days from BC!!!! Yipee!!

My gal Pal Suzie who checks my blog every day...thanks for your continued love and encouragement.

Andrea M, Andrea W, Judith, Patricia and Val....thinking of you guys...

Will post some photos tomorrow from the yard and pool.
98 degrees here today again.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Ahhhhh, how lovely!
You are more than welcome!
It's "Inspiration Central" at
Studio D.! :O)

Beeeutiful fall day here!
But it required coat and gloves :O)

(Did you even bring coats? ) :O)