Fountain Hill Fair...

Self Portrait
Hand Painted and Fabricated Metal Sculpture by Kari Von Wenning

Ceramic "Balboa Gunnera" Leaf by "Imagine That! Creations"

Gourd Art

Ya Ya Sue. "Hearts all Around"
We had a great day, 81 degrees and lots of booths to check out, and no one to worry about.
Ya Ya Sue, Shannon, Annmarie and I had a lovely day, and I have lots more photos to show you. This is a high end juried craft show, thousands of people come and see it over the 3 days that it is held at Fountain Hills.


Happy Day Lady said...

Hi Dagmar! Wow! Your self-portrait is so cool! How did you do that? really neat..........
I love those kind of days..........
hanging with great pals and feasting your eyes on artists' gorgeous renderings...

frosso Krasia said...

I wish I was there darling Dag,
Great staff and a very clever shot of yourself.

hippo chick said...

I love the self-portrait. What fun you must have had with the Ya-Ya's.

It snowed here today and I am looking forward to my upcoming week in Las Vegas.

~hippo hugs~