News of the week!!!

News Flash!!!

Well, what a week, weekend it was for
Cindy and Christa.

Cindy was walking in the woods with Emmy Lou when she slipped on some wet wood and broke her wrist..Poor thing. We will send cookies and hot chocolate for you Cindy dear!!! 6-8 weeks in a cast. I asked her for a photo but she said it looked too ugly!!!

Christa was starting the wood stove in their shop, went down to visit her Mom for just a while when a neighbour phoned and said their shop was on fire. It destroyed their loader, snowmachines, bikes, tools and quads and a Camero that Mike was restoring....
The good news is that the 500 gallon propane tank didn't explode and it didn't burn down their log home...
Everyone is fine and thank goodness they had insurance!!!
Christa, we send our love to you, wish I could of been there for you during this tough couple of weeks for you

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Happy Day Lady said...

Oh my goodness!
God Bless both Cindy and Christa and family - thanking God for His provision and praying for healing on all counts.

Suzie :O)