Felted pincushion cupcakes

I brought down some of my felted sweaters to make into new cupcakes, and these are the ones I made yesterday. I am very happy with how they turned out and will put them on a clear glass cake stand.
I am all out of wool, so will need to make a trip to the Sally Ann to find more sweaters to felt. I will be giving these away at Christmas as they are really pincushions and adding a small sewing kit.
A lovely homemade gift.
We are off for an excellent adventure today, my Jimmy, the "girlies" and I to Tuscon.
I am scoping some new places to take Cindy and Christa when they come down, really, it is an R&D kind of trip!!! I will take lots of photos and share what I have found. It is very windy and quite cool here so a perfect day to have fun!
So my Cindy with your wrist still in a cast, this one is for you.
Christa, I hope you will be able to fly down sometime this spring as well.


hippo chick said...

Sounds like a fun day. My Jim and I had a fun day yesterday, getting my new glasses, a little shopping and lunch and then a scrumdelicious lunch at a crepe place. Lots of fun, but not good for the diet.

Am looking forward to your pictures.

My sympathies to Christa. I broke my wrist in May. It still hurts.


hippo chick said...

OOPS!! I see where sympathy goes to Cindy, not Christa.

Happy Day Lady said...

Tucson! Dagmar, Jim and the girlies most excellent adventure! Can't wait for your pictures :O)
And those "cuppy-cakes"! Betz White would be proud Dagmar!!
Happy Day!