Golf Cart Parade...

Our Cart with lights! I was all bundled up as it gets really cold here at night, especially driving around in the cart.

Santa's cart...

Houses all dressed up!!

Faster than a speeding golf cart!!
We had 26 carts, all decorated and it took almost 1& 1/2 hours to drive thru the complex. People were sitting outside, clapping as we drove by.
After we did the drive, we had a wonderful desert social put on by the ladies and $800.00 was collected for a food bank.
Next year we will have more carts and brighter decorations.


Happy Day Lady said...

Wow! That looks SO fun!
I love the picture of the home where the people are cheering !!
What a great idea!
Makes me smile :O) !

hippo chick said...

What fun! I love a parade of any kind.