Lunch in our back garden....

This is my eldest brother Heinz. He and I are closest in age, then Evelyne who was also here with Richard for our lunch in our back garden.

This morning I did all the prep work, and was able just to sit down and enjoy our meal togethr. I made 2 salads, grilled some salmon, chicken and steak, cut up lots of vege's and we had French bread to nibble on.

Eveyone made their own salads and topped them with what ever struck their fancy at the time...A large bowl of fruit salad finished off the meal.

Heinz's wife Marlene.
She is holding Gussy and Flash is laying at her feet. It was great to have more dogs here again.

Keeping cool on the back patio as it was around 79 today.

Just hanging was lovely.


hippo chick said...

What fun! You have a beautiful home and garden.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Wow! Dagmar! you look SO great! So happy, tanned, relaxed! Just makes a gal smile way up here in January freezin' land!
So happy for you!
What a lovely day!