My new fabric Journal...

The completed fabric and embellished jacket for my new personal journal.
This is the same basic composition book that I use
for most of my books that I have made.
The back, all sewn or hand stitched.

Details of the front. I covered the photo with some glitter, ( I mean what little farm girl wouldn't of wanted glitter on her blouse?") but left the cat as she was.
After that was done I then put a thin plastic sheet over the photo and as well as the crown on the finished photo.
Added lace, buttons, ric rac, vintage doily, beaded flower and trim.

The front and back before I sewed them together. I changed my mind about the embroidery that I have on the left and covered it up.
I worked until 12:30am and will do some more work on the inside pages, but what a fun project and satisfying project this was.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Wow! Dagmar this is amazing for so many reasons. For me that little Dagmar with her kitty just says so much about the Dagmar we know - amongst many other attributes -curious about life! loving! and ready for any and all adventures!
How cool is it that you see her every time you journal.
and what was the name of the kitty?