Caroline's lastest Paintings...

Young Bobcat
"Say What" (Saw-Whet) Owl.
What a Hoot!!!

Pileated Woodpecker

My very talented sister Caroline's newest work. The work speaks for itself.

Feeling better today, heading out for a walk to catch some rays. The weather is supposed to change in the next day or two. If it doesn't rain tomorrow Jim and I are heading to the Art Festival @ Tubac south of Tuscon. I will have new photos to post.
The Ya Ya's group had allot of fun yesterday at Tubac. Sue took some photos and with the ones I take tomorrow I will be able to show all you a very good overview of the festival.

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails."


Happy Day Lady said...

So glad you are feeling better~!
Rain Rain stay away! so Dagmar and Jim can play! :O)
Caroline's work is indeed lovely....

Happy Day in the sun!

Anonymous said...

Great work!!You are such a kind sister to promote your sister's artwork.
Keep up the good work!!!

hippo chick said...

Oh, I love the woodpecker. I have always been fascinated with them.

Glad you are feeling better. Hope tomorrow is a good day.

Day one on the road was great.

~hippo hugs~

Anonymous said...

frist time blogger ,stumbled on your blog site. wanted to know where you can purchase your sister's work.Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I love ya sista !!!