Projects I am working on..

Some of my new cards.
This one has fabric sewn to the card. Some vintage, some lace, felt and ric rac. I covered this chipboard bird in paper, sewed it onto the card, attached a feather and some string in her beak. I also added a small glass eye and a printed saying on old paper to the bottom. A sewn tag with a flower and button added to the back of the card.
Placed it into this tin which will become it's home until sent off into the mail.

Small felt sewing kit

The inside of the kit.
I am still working on the class I took and will hopefully have that craft finished today.
I was supposed to go to the Tubac Art Festival with the Ya Ya's and a couple of other gals today, but I had a rough night with coughing and allergies, so I stayed at home and will do some catch up crafting...
house work has gone out the window...


Happy Day Lady said...

Beautiful, detailed card and sewing kit my friend. So sorry to learn those darn allergies are cropping up - here's to a very restful, healing day.
Sending hugs and healing blessings
Suzie xo

hippo chick said...

Housework is always there. Don't worry, it will fly back in the window someday.

First day on the road went very well.

~hippo hugs~