Good Morning.....

This was tucked away into a corner of the desert garden.

Creative plantings with Succulents and Cacti.

Bower Vine
These cover walls in a relative short period of time, they are loved by hummingbirds that dart from flower to flower.
The interesting thing about gardening here in the desert is learning to find the flowers that are colorful during the 6 months of winter while we are here.
There is not joy in having a garden that is void of shape, color or texture. Lovely to be able to learn something new all the time.

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Happy Day Lady said...

What beautiful photos to wake up to! It's like you can feel the air, feel the sunshine on your shoulders, here "the hush" of the gardens, while gazing at the glorious, clever plantings. Thank you for sharing Dagmar! I bet you shall bring many new ideas home for your Northern adobe! :)
Happy Week!