Laundry Line Dance....

The simplest pleasure such as hanging out your laundry in a secluded back garden can be a visual treat when viewed from the kitchen.
I put up the umbrella and use the spokes as a place to hold the hangers. Usually within 10-15 minutes the clothes are dry.....unless the wind picks up and tries to carry them over to the has been so windy here in the past week, as you can see by my pj's doing their dance. 89 here yesterday...counting down...3 days left before we leave.
Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.
~Author Unknown

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Happy Day Lady said...

Dagmar, I've got alot of fav posts of yours however I think this one is edging to the top! Great Tag line - great photos - great quote - great inspiration - It's like the dance of life isn't it? It's for me, wistful and joyful too
Also really love the new marker of "you might like these stories" - that is very cool
Dear dear Pebbles - a lovely tribute xo
Special hugs to Pebbles Momma xo
And special blessings as you wave goodbye to your Southern adobe for a wee while.........