It's in the details....

The new apron I made from the fabric panel, plus some lace on the front pockets.

The newest journal with lots of sewing. Below is the detail of the bird which I cut out of a gardening book.. It actually is a pocket for the front of the journal..
It will be a surprise for someone!

Detail of the bird/pocket...
Today the Ya Ya's are off shopping for our Greek Dinner @ Mary's on Friday...We always have such fun and as this is our last dinner before 3 of the 4 gals leave back for BC, it means Mary will be missing us for the next 6 months.


Happy Day Lady said...

Yup! Yup! It certainly is in the details - but, wait for it, it's all "greek" to me!

Dagmar your detailed workmanship is incredible!
Thank you for sharing! Have lots of fun with the gals and remember try and not be sad that it's over (for now), be glad that it was ;-)

hippo chick said...

Oh Dagmar,

I love the apron. I am determined to make aprons for all my Loser Housewife friends when I get home. Did you make up the pattern or was it in a magazine?

~hippo hugs~