Lady of Grace...

This is Bull Mountain where we grew up in Bull River, B.C. Caroline took this photo.
I wanted to add the poem below that my niece Kari (Caroline's daughter)
wrote when her paternal grandmother passed away a short time ago.

Lady of Grace
If you listen quietly, you can hear the angels start to sing.
As she takes her last breathe and spreads her wings.
A mother of six, A lady of grace.
Etched in our hearts, her smiling face.
Standing with her husband of many years.
They smile down at us, without a single tear.
It's a new beginning, a new day.
We'll always have memories, they will never fade.
Winter is gone and spring is here.
However, I know she will always be near.
A simple prayer, to up above. Is all it takes, to feel her love.
Dedicated in honour to grandma,
Love Kari


Happy Day Lady said...

God bless Kari and all of you. What a beautiful tribute to her Grandma. Thank you for sharing Dagmar.

And, just noticed another great pic of you at the top of your blog! Too cool!
Hope your day is lovely there - IT SNOWED HERE TODAY! Our daffs and crocuses are SO confused!

hippo chick said...

Another talented lady in your family.

~hippo hugs~