What I left behind in AZ.

Here is what I left behind in AZ. These are gazina's that I planted last spring and are blooming in the front yard...imagine how large they will be when we get back there in Oct.


Happy Day Lady said...

Oh my goodness Dagmar! They are glorious!
And I bet too you are already workin' on beautifying Kelowna in your "northern yard"
Here's to great and fun "plantin' and growin'" days!
Suz :)

hippo chick said...


We're home.

~hippo hugs~

Faye said...

Hi Dagmar,
I found you thru Hippo Chick's Blog. I too live in BC, Canada :) We live in Fort St. John, Bc, but moved here from Abbotsford a few years ago. Looking forward to reading about your life.

Outdoor Furniture said...

Really beautiful captures of flowers....
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