Jeremy's class in Orlando

Jeremy and his class of kids arrived in Florida for 10 days of fun with science. These are some of the pictures that he posted for the school and parents to be able to follow their progress.
"Wow! Is it ever hot & humid! We are off to Typhoon Lagoon this morning.

"Typhoon Lagoon was great!"
"We had an awesome time :) No Sunburns and everyone stayed hydrated! We have been told about 5 times how awesome are kids are. From Flight Attendants to Disney Employees, Riverside's Students continue to impress! And the Rubber Chicken was on the Radio! Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom with our first Ed program on Animal Husbandry. "
This is what Jeremy had to say about his group of kids.
"Animal Kingdom was great as usual. The ed program on careers and animal conservation really made the kids think! Blue Man Group was phenomenal! On of the best shows for teenagers in existence. The whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to Mandana! We have 3 birthdays this week. Jessica got serenaded by a quartet, Mandana an Audience...who knows what will happen next!!!"

The teachers getting a bit of R&R at the Lagoon

The sights

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Happy Day Lady said...

Great to see a Jeremy's class so well received. I know you are very proud of Jeremy, Dagmar, and rightly so!