What I am working on today....

I have wanted to do a "sampler" for quite some time. Yesterday while I was thinking about my making my "Market Bag," this sort of came together. I will hand and machine stitch it to the background piece and then hang it in my craft room as inspiration.
Definately a bird theme.

Details of the unfinished piece.
My lucky #13 at bottom.
This is from an old English estate ledger book that I found in AZ.
When I took this photo, the while glue was still wet where I glued the pearls onto the flowers. It dries clear and they add just a bit of bling.
I ripped some of the fabric that I have for my Market bag, full overblown English roses on heavier upholstery fabric, I may start on that today.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Amazing detail Dagmar! Way to go! :O)