Snapshot 2

As found at the Nelson Thrift Stores!! It was a lucky day to find this little treasure with Cindy to add to my collection.

A gift from Cindy, she has been busy collecting on my behalf!!

Old game pieces and a lovely old crib board that she found for me as well.
Today I will phone the fruit markets here and find out when the
peaches are available. Cindy will come for a visit and take back some fruit...
What a plan!!!

"Find out what brings you joy and go there."


hippo chick said...

Love the comment. We have a 40 year old cribbage board. Haven't played in years.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Hi Dagmar!! Love! Love! the new Header! Wowzers!
Looks like you had a ball in Nelson - whoop de doo! Say - I'm seeing Jim more than you! Thanks so much for your patience - school is slamming, plus 2 other posts besides the Hill - shall see you asap!!! (School ends mid July) Have a fab fab day!
Many Blessings :O)