Photos from the Jeep Window...

AZ trip Oct 1516
These are some of the images that I took while Jim was driving...our constant companion "Gertie" the Garmin travel journal and Ipod/touch to keep us in music and listen to Bill Bryson read his book "A Walk in the Woods" about hiking the AT (Appalachian Trail) He did 800 miles of it, and it is a wonderful thing to listen to travelling all those miles. Was really 2 long days, but now that we are here, it sure was worth it. I will post some more images over the next few days.
102 here right now, having my friend Karen over for a drink, then heading to the pool later in the afternoon. It should be lovely!
Today we are happy to celebrate Laurie's birthday. She and Shane went to the hill country in Sri Lanka to a tea plantation to celebrate their combined birthdays!

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Happy Day Lady said...

Glad to hear of safe and happy landings! Gorgeous pics! The colors! Oh my! Esp. the blue sky....
How big are your gazinas now? :)