Signs of our gone by days

the Hut Cafe
motel sign at Dry falls
These signs are just outside Dry Falls in Washington State..a gentle reminder of simpler times! So glad to see that they are still standing!
Today is a "get things kind of done day" but still too hot, so just a quick work out in the garden early 6:15 am before it got too hot! It is incredible how those weeds will grow when you aren't here to pull them out quickly. Other than that, heading out to our favorite "Paradise cafe" for lunch and pick up a few things along the way.
Happy Birthday to my dear friend Shirley, celebrating with her family in Vancouver.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Wow! Neat shots, I bet you'll add them to your "signs" album eh Dagmar? Sounds like you are slidin' into the sun groove right away! Good for you! =D Hola!