Beach Bungalow - Day 4

The view, the outdoor shower and the quietness of where are are is lovely. This is what we are greeted to first thing in the morning. There is a reef just outside our white sandy beach and a protected swimming area. The fruit bats which are quite large are a bit of a surprise when you first see them flying by....coconuts make a loud smack when they fall off the tree next to you and hit the ground.

Spent part of the morning swimming just outside our bungalow, then walked about 45 minutes half way around the island...the pool is a fresh water pool overlooking the the home reef where we are able to watch all the snorkeling activities as well as the seaplanes coming in for a landing..a glorious sight of the most turquoise water you can imagine..

Tonight we are going on a sunset cruise before dinner...hopefully I will get some good pictures. We have met lots of interesting folks from Britain and
they love our Canadian accent. Imagine

Here are some photos of the day so far .....the bungalow .....

The view...literally steps to the beach....

The Heron fishing....crab was on the menu...

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Christa said...

Oh my ...!!! love the hut ...!! How romantic right at the water ..! :)
I can well imagine you are in your glory ... sun ... heat ... And water ..!
Luv u