Maldives Day 3

We made it....we were up 32 hours...took 4 different planes..the last one being the most interesting as we finally made it to our island.
It is breath-takingly lovely..we took a walk in the very hot sun,
had a bit of a swim and a needed nap.
The staff are all so friendly here and and many of them are local
Maldavians whom live on one of their home islands. They are very handsome people and work 6 days a week and every 16 days get 2 days off to return to their home islands. The have staff quarters here called the Sultan's Villa's. Tomorrow we are going to try out our snorkeling gear..and I will take pictures of our charming beach bungalow..what a view it has.
Oxo till then.
From the air....

The planes with the barefoot pilots..

Landing at Kuredu...

Some of the beach bungalows...


Christa said...

Wow ... Looks fabulous ...!!! Happy you made it to your destination... now you can sit back and relax ... enjoy ...!! miss you :)

Happy Day Lady said...

OH MY STARS!!!!!!! Breathtakingly beautiful is right!!! ahhhhhhhhh - soak it all in!!
E N J O Y !! As always, many blessings and know how much I enjoy your travelogue blog!! xo