Checking out Colombo - Day 12

We had a chance to travel to The Galle Face Hotel in a Tuk-Tuk..or 3 wheeler as they are called here and wove thru the crazy traffic to the ocean part of Colombo. We were taken into the hotel and we saw 3 Sri Lankan is Jim posing with some of these beautiful young women.

Jim wants to buy one and take it back and drive it around the neighborhood.
They are in-expensive to hire and move along thru the traffic so quickly.

Of course the main reason for being here is this special happy little guy...what a charmer he is..Jim is totally smitten and I am right there beside him.

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Wayne W said...

You have arrived. Enjoy your time, enjoy the munchkin and enjoy the culture. Waiting to hear all about the trip next time we are together. Take care