World Vision Visit - Day 13

We left Colombo to head north to the the MKK World Vision Development
Area with our driver and our wonderful lady from WV..once we got out of Colombo and thru Negombo we headed east into the rural farmland areas.
We saw coconuts being brought to the markets..stray sellers riding air markets...rice paddy fields..we arrived at the WV office and we treated to a snack and chilled papaya juice. There are many Canadian sponsors of Sri Lanakan children..70,000 in Sri Lanka alone...but not many of them have the opportunity to come to field office. The work they
do with the sponsored funds are truly amazing and very humbling..We toured several projects and finally were treated to a traditional family meal Sri Lankan style..and met our sponsored see her and her family and her village is an experience that will stay with Jim and I forever. Here are just some of the photos..I will post some more separately under a new tab.
Tea stop along the road..these young girls just smiled and giggled at this person wanting to take their photo.

Traveling inland thru the coconut they have made some bricks or tiles.... this is one of their many methods of transportation.

It is very hot and the humidity is very high...there are no rules for the road..even if it is single lane traffic, nobody bothers with that..the center line is used as a lane..Jim says he will never complain about traffic again.

Our sponsored child..Mahoshandi, her family, her village, her class mates all came together for a meal which was prepared by her family. We were treated to a wonderful presentation of traditional dancing and singing...there was a lot of happiness and joy..we were the honored guests and the gratitude from these lovely Buddhist faith people for our sponsorship was humbling.

The children of the community....this is where they did their welcoming speeches, singing, dancing and gift presentation.

They love children and they want you to hold and admire them..this little girl is Mahoshani's cousin.

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Christa said...

How wonderful for you to meet Mahoshandi... I'm sure she was as excited as you. Wow, you guys are busy ... looks like fun !!!