Dubai,UEA - Day 2

Sue and Shannon drove us to the PHX airport this we got off to a great start..thanks for that, Sue!

Sitting here in a beautiful private lounge in the Dubai airport..had a really good 15 hour flight from LAX to Dubai..even managed to sleep quite a bit..the service was wonderful with 16 cabin crew and we had a great Aussie girl...Kristin who looked after us really well.

We leave 3:35am for the Maldives..not too many pictures to show yet..but what a hoot...we flew directly over Cranbrook, then Edmonton, the Arctic Ice Cap, Shetland Islands..Sweden...Moscow and then here..watched 3 full length movies...out of 600 movies to choose from.
Here are a few shots..
Leaving Home....

Emerates 777-200 LR

View from my window.. Camera set on a very slow speed..light is on wing tip of sunrise over the North Pole....

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Happy Day Lady said...

SOOOOO cool! Thanks for sharing!! Bon voyage!! =)