Grandpa Jim and Alexander - Day 27

Jim has formed a wonderful bond with Alexander who smiles at the sound of his Grandpa's voice. Here he is doing a comb over for his favorite grandson.

Touching the same lucky statue where Alexander stayed before with his parents on a beach weekend away in Bentota.

I love this photo of the two of them at River House..Alexander loves my little wooden bracelet that I got with Jim and his mom and dad from a beach vendor at Isla del Pirata, Colombia 5 years ago. Who knew he would have so much enjoyment out of such a simple thing..

Here they are in color. Monday morning will be here soon and I know it will be a tearful goodbye the night before..they have to leave here very, very early on monday morning.

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Christa said...

Oh, I understand ... It's the hardest part leaving your grandchildren when you see them so seldom ... hopeing that they will remember you ... how precious this time was for all of you ... It looks like the Mary Kay tube was something that Alexander was interested in ... funny all my kidlets liked the small tubes also ... Enjoy the time you have ...!