The Devastation of the Tsunami - Day 26

These photos still tell the effects and the aftermath of the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka so hard in 2004..even after driving thru where so many people lost their lives (35,000 in Sri Lanka) there is still evidence to this disaster. These photos were taken yesterday on our way back from Galle to Colombo.

This one is very blurry as they were taken out of the car the foreground on the right hand side you can see a grave..there are so many of these along the side of the road where the victims are buried. They look like bombed out buildings...resembling a war zone.
On Monday, Shane, Laurie and Alexander leave for 2 weeks in Australia where Shane has work to do...we are taking a day trip on the train from Colombo south along the coast to Galle and back..we drove thru Galle but never had a chance to see this impressive Dutch withstood the tsunami and very little damage was done to the inside of the town.

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