Heading up to the Tea Country -Day 14

Let's go for a drive, Oma..let's head to the tea country and see what is up near Kandy..

We are staying at Ellerton (here) which is a small boutique hotel as well as a home in the Tea Country with 8 guest room from British Colonial times. Complete with Ben and Polly, 2 dogs to walk with and greet you.

The views on the way up country to the Tea Country...just a few less crazy drivers...Shane was a marvel driving these high traffic roads...

Some of the spectacular vegetation we saw along the way...taken with Shannon in mind.

Madame having tea..this is for Cindy and Christa...just imagine having tea at a tea planation in old Ceylon..can you believe it..and best of all....WiFi!
Life is truly good.


hippo chick said...

Just caught up on all the posts of this trip. What a wonderful trip. And what little cutie is your grandchild. Both you and Jim look wonderful and tanned. Jealous I am.

Thanks for sharing your life with us, Dagmar.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Catching up on posts too now that you have internet access again. Goodness! where does one start with superlative expressions over your grandson!!! and then all your travels - World Vision! the countryside! tea in a plantation!!!
Oh my!!! Oh my!!!! T H R I L L E D for you both!! God's continued amazing blessings! xo

Christa said...

Feels great doesn't Oma ...!!!! He's such a cutie ...!