Island Flowers - Day 9

Maldives is a small island-nation made up of about 1190 islands. Though the islands are small compared to most of the other island nations, the beauty of the nation is exceptional and beyond imagination.
The flowers are glorious as they drop down from the trees, climb up the trees, trail along the ground and fill the warm tropical air with their are just a few that I have seen on my walks around the island.

Hibiscus that comes in many colors.

Bougainvillea in many different shades of pink...

Coral fountain grass that grows about 6 feet in height & width.

This flowers vine grounds right on the beach in sand..unable to find out the name of this....yet....

Tree from the ScrewPine..apparently it is really good to eat..hasn't been on the menu yet.

One more day on this island paradise and then off to another great adventure..truly we are blessed.


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Christa said...

Beautiful pictures Dagmar, love the last one of the ScrewPine ... very interesting. The aroma must be amazing from all the flowers in the area. Miss u xoxo

Happy Day Lady said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh p a r a d i s e !! xoxo Enjoying the sights, sounds, aromas through you!
Thank you!! =)