The Monsoon...the Pilot..Day - 8

This is the boat you can rent for a couple of days here..complete with Captain and crew...they will take you diving, snorkeling and to a deserted beach..the boat went by the the opening in front of our beach bungalow on it's way to take a few folks to another bit of paradise.

We met Andrew..the only Canadian we have met here..he has been flying here for Trans Maldivian Airlines for 41/2 years..I think he looks a lot like my brother Werner...he was happy to talk to some Canadians as well..most of the Twin Otter pilots are Canadians.

It was a relaxing laid back kind of day. Tomorrow Jimmy is going golfing on the 6 hole is one of the only golf course on all the Maldive Islands..small islands..tough to keep grass green..I think he will have fun.


Christa said...

Wow, beautiful ... ! It was probably nice for you talk to a Canadian ...!!! Must be weird to be the only ones there ..!!! With Jim going golfing ... gives you time to chill ... relax with a good book ... or talk to me ...!!! :) Luv

Winifred said...

Funny how they always manage to find a golf course isn't it. Take care.