Last 2 days here - Day 29

Lonely Planet review for Beach Wadiya
Maybe it's the way the staff greets every arriving diner as if they were family. Or it might be because you feel equally welcome whether you're wearing a T-shirt or a tux. Whatever the appeal, come early to pick a table inside the weather-beaten beach shack or outside in the sand, order a chilled Three Coins beer while a waiter fills you in on the catch of the day, and receive your specially customised grilled or fried seafood platter. Princess Anne and Richard Branson were just a few of the celebraties that have enjoyed the seafood here.

Seeing that we were on our own and it is our last couple of days here..we wanted to go to this Cafe. We had heard about it from a Cathay Pacific pilot
who said it was a great place to see the local color. It has a great location, the seafood appy I had for lunch was good and it looks like the Baja to us...except....because of the long war..they don't have the same value system for their beaches or dogs as we do.....that is why you don't want to go on the day this stretch of beach will be lovely..they are working on it...just have more important priorities now.

The humidity was very high again so walking in the afternoon is not an option for me..Jim could probably do it...but not me..we hired a 3 wheeler to drive us around and we saw some different was a good we are back in the a/c house with a cold beer cooling has been a great adventure and another cafe checked off our list.

You sit under these palapas in the shade and watch the ocean waiting for your fresh seafood to arrive.

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Christa said...

Now this is more like it ... quiet, beautiful, serene ... wait a minute ... JIM and SEAFOOD ???
can't be ... LOL...!