The River and Alexander - Day 25

We had a river boat ride this morning before heading back to Colombo..we bought this life jacket for Alexander from Mountain Baby in Nelson, B.C. (
He was what Shane would call a bit windjee..(Aussie for a bit cranky). He wasn't sure about wearing it at first but you would never know it by his sweet smile.... He did have a good look around and we were lucky enough to see quite a few birds as well as the Monitor Lizard below.

Enjoy a scenic cruise along the Madhu River, a relaxing trip with plenty of interesting stops. You pass dozens of islets forested with mangroves and can appreciate the timeless natural rhythms of rural life. You cruise in a canopied, outboard motor powered boat; pausing to view a 200-year-old temple & to watch the locals cultivating cinnamon. You may also see traditional fishing techniques in action & can view demonstrations of coir manufacture and rope making. Bring your binoculars along if you can, as around 46 species of bird reside in the area, including 14 aquatic varieties. You can also spot huge water lilies & colourful butterflies.

Water Monitor Lizards are highly mobile. They swim well (keeping their limbs to the side of the body, and propelling themselves through sinuous undulations of the flattened tail). They have even been seen swimming far out at sea. They can remain underwater for up to an hour.

The boats are quite colourful..the river provides many sources of food..
( as well as tourists wanting to see the was very interesting way to spend an hour on the water.

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Christa said...

Nice ... relaxing ... Alexander doesn't look windjee to me ... ! I'd say he is a happy baby.