Snow in the Grand Canyon

It was really cool with the wind and snow in the Grand Canyon yesterday, but it made the scenery even more stunning..I had finished knitting my scarf...a good thing...and I wore my very favorite shoes. Complete with a hat, gloves, sunglasses and was a perfect day..oh yes, even more important was having a wonderful husband and companion who carried the pack and shared this adventure with me!

In 2000.. I bought these edelweiss shoes in my mom's home town of Tramin, Italy (sud-tyrol)..they fit like a dream and won't wear out.

I find sweet things everywhere we go! This little guy was only about 12 inches tall...

Not to be confused with a horse! This mule had just walked up the 10 miles and 5,000 feet carrying some grateful soul. Isn't she cute..Molly is her name!

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Christa said...

I guess you had some insight with making and finishing your scarf ... love it ... you look happy in the snow ... :) perhaps you'll be able to still enjoy it when you come back to Canada ... lol