Trip to the Grand Canyon

Jim and I had a great train trip to the Grand Canyon via the train from Williams.
It was the first time that Jim has been to the Grand Canyon.

It was 1968 when I went there last...I am sure some of those sweet mules that took us down to Phanthon Ranch in 1968 have been retired by now!
It snowed and was absolutely breathtaking with the bright sunshine and clear fresh air..the snow was a bonus...all though cold in the morning. Lots of ice on the path but we managed to go for 2 nice 7,300 was more a stroll. Would love to hike down into the bottom..and take a mule back up! Here are a few of my photos!

Studio House

Hopi House 1901 built.

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Christa said...

Amazing photos ... clear blue skies ... and snow ... ! nice to see you were dressed properly for the conditions ... enjoy the rest of your trip.