As seen out and about town....

Yesterday before I went to work ( I have the most fun job in the world...more on that later). I stopped in to a few of my favorite stores and got some spring time inspiration. I usually look at a display and think to myself... "I can make that".... and know that I will have so much fun doing it! Here are some of the things I saw yesterday and are now part of my visual note book.

For the birds..lots of bird inspired decorating items.

How about a lovely pot of tea?

Isn't this a great sign?

How about this? Inside this huge store they have all these shipping containers with teak floors as rooms..omg, they are amazing..I want one flown to a hillside to use as a remote cabin...don't laugh..just look up shipping containers and see what has been built with them...amazing! HERE


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'd take a shipping container! That's really cool.
I like that teapot. The color is pretty much perfection!

Christa said...

I remember seeing these container mini homes a few years back ... prfect for guest accomodations ... may have to look into it again instead of building cabins ... we'll see xoxo