Surrounded by Color

I just can't get enough color this spring...everything is bright, beautiful and colorful...I can add happy and joyful to the list as well!


Brian said...

eye candy colors! Is that Lion Brand Cotton-Ease I see? I like that yarn a lot. We finally are having beautiful weather today. April has been extremely rainy and gloomy. :(

Tracy said...

my APOLOGIES! lol - the above comment was from ME! I didn't realize I was logged in with my husband's google account. Heehee. I am laughing because Brian wouldn't use the phrase "eye candy" if his life depended on it. lol!

Maaike said...

Really pretty pictures Dagmar! And thank you for your lovely comment on creJJtion,
Have a happy Sunday, love Maaike

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Dagmar, you are most welcome to join us love Annie x