Caroline's Rooster

This post was from Margaret on Caroline's Rooster that she painted from a photograph that
Margaret took.
Click here to see here March 30, 2011 post at her blog Art Happens 365

"Barnyard Boss" by Caroline Kelly

This is painted by: Caroline Kelly of Log Cabin Studio.

Truly beautiful work and I am honored that one of my photographs inspired this dandy rooster!
Really, I LOVE when people use my photos to paint from. Please just ask. Not only will I showcase you here, but I will add you to my "Inspired Paintings from my Photos" blog that will always be displayed on my sidebar.
Now, run along and check out Log Cabin Studio.

I asked Margart if I could link her comments from her blog..
Here is her gracious reply.
"Yes, please do. And I hope Caroline chooses more of my photos".

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Christa said...

Wow ... what a compliment for Caroline ... she must be so delighted ... I love the Rooster as well ... such talent in your family ... hope to see more work from Caroline posted on your blog... I am honoured to have special friends like you and Caroline in my life ...