Meet Gertie...

I am pleased to introduce you to "Gertie." a companion to Harriett.
She is supposed to be a snowy owl, but I wanted ears on her.
She is now offically an albino great horned owl..
{no offense to the thriving owl population}
She is made from a up-cycled wool sweater, doily, croceted eyes and wool wings.

I know she delights me and I hope she makes you smile as well.
You can order your pattern from here from Mimi Kirchner.
Don't you think Gertie {named with love after my sister Caroline} is a perfect name for her?


Christa said...

They are adorable species discovered eh ? ... I love the name Gertie (after Caroline)I wonder if she'd mind if others call her that .. lol ... The new header is calming ... with the different shades of white and soft, tender stitch work ... xoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

Love your new addition to your owl family.

Barbara said...

So cute!