Claire - Day 4

This moment was worth the long drive..seeing Claire..this was her first time seeing her Opa..he was smitten with her big eyes and even bigger smile and laugh..She decided to start belly was so she is just starting to smile and starting to laugh out loud..Julie grabbed her camera, I will post her video tomorrow!
Happy to be here..back home to Kelowna tomorrow.


Log Cabin Studio said...

What Priceless photos..Give our love to Jeremy and Julie and please give that sweet baby an extra hug and kiss from us..

cindy gibb said...

Great photos Dagmar. Could you be any happier???? I don't think so. Love to everyone and safe journey back to West Kelowna tomorrow. Thank you for sharing that wee one with all of us! XO

Christa said...

Oh my ... does she light up your life or what ??? Precious to see you and Jim so happy ... talk to you soon ... glad you arrived safe back in Kelowna... xoxo

Jamie said...

She's adorable and, I'm sure, completely work the long drive.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I think she takes after her grandma more than a little bit. :)
She looks like such a fun baby, and she's absolutely adorable.