The journey contines...Day 3 - 1300th post!

Today was a shorter drive in distance for us...758 km = 474 miles....
we drove from Klamath Falls
(which doesn't have any falls, but has the large lake below)
to Tumwater...just south of Olympia. Washington.
It was a really good day with bright sunny skies most of the way.
Tomorrow we will cross the border and be in Port Coquitlam to see Jeremy, Julie and sweet
baby Claire!

Today I took lots of photos of the traffic and all the trucks that travel north on
I-5. They carry alot of stuff!
The snow photo is on 140 from KF to Medford Oregon.
High mountain pass and lots of snow on both sides of the road.
Another good day for Jim and I.

A sure sign of spring

The scarf is getting longer and longer..hope to have it finished before we get to Kelowna.


Barbara said...

Safe travels! I love the green of that scarf!

Jamie said...

Gorgeous photos!

Christa said...

Congratulations on your 1300th post ... !!! you are a dedicated blogger ... what an excellant adventure you two have taken ... excited that you will be arriving in Canada and have a wonderful visit with Jeremy, Julie and of course "Baby Claire" makes the trip all the better ...xoxo