Easter eggs..focus52/16

It is not a secret in our family that my Jim does not like eggs for him..none...except in all things baked!
But I love eggs....all eggs..scrambled, hard cooked, poached, in an omelet, deviled, and especially colored for Easter. I tried Suzanne's method for marbled eggs but hers turned out much better...{click on her name to see her lovely marbled eggs}..I am definitely a pastel sort of gal..but I was pleased with the 5 eggs I fingers can attest to my egg dyeing effort!
It was a beautiful day here yesterday..we walked in the sunshine and it was 17c.= 63f = :) fabulous down by the water. Why is it that when the sun shines, everything seems more wonderful? I am not going to question this gift!




Jan @twoscoopz said...

Yep, your fingers are showing off your hard work! LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend :D

Simone said...

I am so impressed with your eggs! For some reason I am not having success with the dyes ( have been told they are waxing them here???)
Yours are just perfect. Enjoy your wonderful eggs!

Barbara said...

Beautiful eggs and beautiful weather! Happy Easter!

Beth Crocker said...

OMG! I LOVE eggs! I can't imagine not having them around all the time. Your images are great, thanks for sharing!

Sandra Chetwynd said...

Wonderful colours! Happy Easter!

charlottes web said...

I'm with you...I love eggs! What a treat to see your pictures and pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love eggs too. :) I'm feeling a bit of egg overload though, as we colored 2 dozen eggs plus I made an egg casserole for Easter breakfast that I'm still eating the leftovers of.

But I'm rambling, I really just came here to tell you that I love your beautifully colored eggs. I haven't looked at Suzanne's eggs yet, I just know that I love how yours turned out.

Christa said...

I love your wrist-lets ... colourful like the eggs ... I had a great time with the grandchildren creating these unique marbleized eggs ... ! thanks for the info ... !!!

Christa said...

Happy Easter ... my BFF ... ! xoxo