Final Countdown..Leaving AZ..

We are going into our final week here at our winter home in AZ...leaving for BC on Sunday.
The sunrise is always worth getting up early for..some days with a bit of cloud cover it is spectacular.
The white cacti is an Argentine giant that only blooms for a day and as it grows larger the blooms will be as large as a dinner plate! It blooms just before we leave as well as my Lady Banks yellow rose. Even though it doesn't have any perfume..the light yellow color up against the wall makes a wonderful display.
Spring is here in the desert!


Christa said...

Spectacular sunrise ... all the different shades ... love mornings ... and the cacti blossoms are vibrant ... so beautiful ... awaiting spring here ... ! xoxo

Winifred said...

What beautiful photos. Here's me can't even keep one house decent!

Jamie said...

Beautiful! I have a feeling you'll miss it, but it will also be good to get home.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

My grandmother loved cactus. She had it planted all around her house. Seeing your photos reminded me of that. Your photos are beautiful!