The roads in BC today....

This is the road we have to go home to West Kelowna next week..over the Coquihalla Highway...and there is more snow in the forecast.....the good news is at least we can check out the highway camera before we head up that will be a big change from where we are right here.

Coquihalla Lakes Highway Camera!
Hwy 5, 61km south of Merritt, looking north.

Coquihalla Summit Camera
Zopkios, near the Coquihalla Summit looking south


Christa said...

Ha ... ha ... !!! welcome to my world ... seemed like every weekend this season so far .... warmer days are ahead and maybe by the time to make your way north it will be gone ....hmmmm ... and then again maybe "NOT"

Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

Yikes! They were calling for snow here too. It will be done by the time you get here, I'm sure of it. Happy trails!