As seen thru our Windshield - Day 2

First of all...thank you for all your wonderful comments..I will get back to each one of you when I get back home to BC.

This is what we saw thru our windshield stopping...just shooting!
(the blurry ones aren't that good!)
It was a long but wonderful drive thru lots of rural USA.
Nevada, North Eastern California, and into Oregon..
1101 Km = 690 Miles = 11 1/2 hours in the Truck.
Jim drove 80% of the  way.
 I kept him entertained with knitting needles clicking away, taking all the photos,
as well as my singing..  :)
I also kept him amused with so many facts about everything that he was silenced into submission..he tells me as I read this to him that I was "spot on".
So here are some of my photos...taken thru the windshield at the speed limit as we were
"truckin along"
to some Good Tunes sung by real singers as well!
(click to enlarge)

  This was taken for you, Cindy...thinking about all the stops
I could (would) of made if you were with me.

These 2 photos were taken for you, Christa...I think I took the same Knight's motel photos
2 years ago when we went thru Susanville, California

This would of been another one for good one to search thru for the "Junk Queens"
Can you imagine the loot that this old building would is the kind you need
to have gloves on and sort thru the piles!
This was in old mining town.
I am still looking for good ones to take for you, Caroline!


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! Makes me want to hit the road again!

Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

Great pictures and funny post!
I want to go on a road trip now...

Safe travels.

hippo chick said...

Love the pictures. Have some questions. Have you ever stayed in a Knight's Inn? Bizarre...all red and purple decor. Also, what kinds of music do you listen to? We listen on our trip home also. I also usually download a couple of books on my iPod as Jim doesn't like to listen to books when he drives.

We will leave Monday and really push...ten hours a day...and arrive home Thursday afternoon. We aren't stopping in Chicago this year as Paige is buying a house and we will go back soon to help with painting and moving.

Look how long this comment has become. Maybe next year we can get together on your way through Nevada. How I would love to meet you in person.

~hippo hugs~

Christa said...

I seem to recall seeing these photos before ... that's ok ... love seeing my name up in lights ... were there lights ? anyway love all the photos ... my travel photos are not as clear as yours ... xoxo