Bread and Jam..

It is wonderful to have friends such as Christa and Cindy..
They make many things and share them with me..Cindy is an extra ordinary baker and when she comes for a visit...raspberry jam is just one of the lovely homemade gifts she brings..Christa bakes beautifully as well! I have been the grateful recipient of many of her goodies. Yesterday she baked some good looking bread..Check out her blog HERE


Christa said...

and, how lucky are Cindy & I to have you as our special friend to share our goodies with !!! I will send you the recipe for the Bread Machine Multigrain Bread ... I haven't forgotten ... ! Thank you for all you do ... ! xoxo

cindy gibb said...

Easy to share with such an appreciative audience my friend!!! Does this mean you are out of jam already? See you on Thursday. XO C.