Hooks and Sticks..

This is what is on my crochet hook and knitting needles this week.
Taking some more knitting lessons this month and I am hoping to be able to read a pattern better..This little shrug will be for Claire and will be taking it down when I see her in June!
Preparing to go to the Farm Chicks Show with Cindy!
We are getting so excited!

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Christa said...

So colourful ... I think Claire will love her little shrug ... I'll have to get the pattern from you so that I can make one for Miss Ella ... so cute ... I can well imagine how excited you are to go to the Farm Chicks show ... perhaps next year I will be able to tag along ... have fun U2 ... xoxo

cindy gibb said...

Cute shrug Dagmar. Are you going to make Claire the headband with the flowers too? Yes the much atticipated Farm Chicks is only days away. Perhaps a bunch of us can go next year to take it all in. With just two of us, we just cannot see everything and there is so much to see! Hate to think that we miss a thing!

Jamie said...

That shrug is going to be adorable - love the colors.

Barbara said...

It's going to be so cute - and I love the colors!

Tracy said...

love the shrug! was it difficult?