"P"is for Pillows...

I have a fairly substantial collection of vintage crochet pieces...I am just so enamored with them. As I am just learning to crochet, I realize the time and effort it takes to make these beautiful pieces. That I find them for a couple of dollars or much less at thrift stores amazes me..I wanted to use some of them to showcase how lovely the hand work of these pieces are.
I decided to add them on to 3 of my plain silk pillows..It was a beautiful day out side to do some hand sewing...I tried many different combination and these are the ones that made the cut.

This is one of the Japanese flowers I did add my own handmade touch to the center of the pillow..I like the layered look!

The large one on the outside table was on of my thrifty finds..for $2.99...I found several more at Value Village with my good luck thrifting charm,...."Cindy." I was so sad to see about 50 so of these lovely pieces there..some ones life work...they should of been in a museum they were so exquisite..


Barbara said...

Hi Dagmar,
thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! It's always nice to "meet" no people and follow the link to their own blog. Your pillows are wonderful (I especially love the left one)! I need to check by more often and search for your crochet stones :)

Have a nice week-end!

Barbara said...

uups, of course I meant "new people" and not "no people" :)

Christa said...

oh ... how lovely ... I agree that it is sad that the family let these beautiful pieces go ... it takes special people like you to find and take these treasures into your home ... enjoy them ... !!! xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Those are beautiful! It is sad that the family didn't keep them, but now you get to enjoy them. :)

Pradeepa said...

Beautiful! Such precious pieces!