UBe's letter to her Mom

No need to worry Mom..I am having a good vacation here..hope you are having a good time as foster momma Dagmar gives me good back and belly rubs when I follow her into the bathroom..I sit right at her feet so she has to know I need a good scratch..the big guy lets me sit in his lap or puts my bed on his desk when he is working so I can see out side..but mostly, I have been eating, sleeping, pooping, going for 2 walks into the back40, sunning myself and just generally a hanging out with these cool dudes that have taken me in.

Hope you and Dad and Matt are enjoying your time in Croatia..hear it is beautiful..I will try and send you a few more photos of what we are up to for the weekend but we are kind of busy doing stuff...I try really hard to sit in Momma Dagmar's lap all the time but she is kind of I squeeze right in next to her ( good thing I am so small and she lost that weight :)
I am pretty quiet most of the time..except when I need to tell her something really't you know I hate those darn eyedrops and what is the Vitamin E stuff for my nose..and are you sure it isn't 5o clock somewhere..I am HUNGRY..but other than is pretty good here.
Gotta go now..Momma Dagmar says it's time for my walk..guess I will try faking sleep for a little while longer.

Oh by the way, I do miss you and I am being as good as I can be..
love you..
your good girl,
special shade umbrella so I wouldn't get too hot...


Christa said...

What a wonderful thought for you to write this letter ... I am sure they will be so touched to have received this ... along with the pictures of UBe chillin' out in the fresh air ... it will give them great comfort knowing that UBe is being so well looked after ... they are lucky to have you as her caregiver ... heart of gold ...!!! xoxo

Barbara said...

She's a cutie!! Lucky parents that they have you to take care of her while they're gone!