Thing seen in Frosso's neighborhood.....

Heading back home to Westbank this morning..but I sure had a wonderful time with Frosso..Shirley came over for dinner as Frosso wowed us yet again with her Cypriot lemon chicken..Thanks Frosso for the wonderful time that I was able to share with you.

Frosso and I walked over to see our favorite thrift store..These are some of the things we saw while we walked in her neighborhood. The lilacs are starting to bloom, the sun was pretending to shine but afternoon it stayed over cast! A good day was had and we found and maybe bought a few treasures.

I will be home soon Jimmy! :)


Christa said...

Lovely ... looks like the two of you had a blast ... I love the picture of you by the table and chairs ... back in the day my whole kitchen was orange ... lol ... I remember growing up with a kitchen set like that one ... took me back to mom & dads first house ... have a safe trip home ... talk to you soon ... xoxo

Jamie said...

What great shots!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

What a great thrift store! (and a great picture of you!) I love those striped dishes.

Our lilacs aren't blooming yet. If we could have just one week of good weather, all the little buds would just burst.