Father's Day

I think we need to be reminded how lucky we are by having a special day for mothers and fathers..a day give thanks and to remember.
As our kids grow, move away, get married and have families of their own...Father's Day takes on new meaning...a day where we take a moment to remember our Dad's...I wish that my Dad is still alive and well...but sadly he passed away 17 years ago.
This is Jeremy's first Father's day as a new dad to Claire and Shane's second with Alexander. A new and exciting chapter in their lives. Their guidance and love will help shape them into the young adults they will lucky these two children are to have dads like them.

As for grandads.....Jim and I will go out for a walk and to lunch..I will treat him from the grandchildren!....I wonder if there is a "grandparent day?"


Christa said...

A thoughtful tribute to those father's who have passed on ... yes we are fortunate to watch our own children grow with their children ... now perhaps they will understand the joy and frustrations of being a parent ... and us as grandparents sit back and smile (they get back exactly what they put us thru) ... remembering those times we had ... and yes Dagmar there is a National Grandparent Day which is on Sept 11, 2011 this year ...! xoxo

Log Cabin Studio said...

Happy Father's Day,we had a very nice day with all the family at Heinz and Marlene's.