Signature Style

I am a big fan of Jenny Doh, taken some classes and bought from her blog....I was able to meet her at the "Farm Chicks Show." I had read about her new book...Signature Styles and some of the wonderful women that craft..right up my alley. I saw them setting up for the signing and I happened to be first in line..viola...I also got this sweet gift that was handmade by her..a bonus......
I spent a few minutes chatting with her and then made room for the other women that were fans as well..Her book is really well written and lots of good projects and crafts to try..but her thoughtfulness of adding a handmade gift to the first few people is what made an impression..she is authentic..herself..something I have always strived to be..."be yourself, everyone else is taken!"

If you haven't seen her blog.....check it is a lovely daily read....HERE
The crocheted necklace and pebble was her gift to me......not sure how many other lucky girls there were.

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